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What can I say? Pontiac Excitement Lives! This Turbocharged V6 really gets it on. The car is in original condition and has low mileage. The original test car scorched the drag strip with a 0-60-mph blast of 4.6 seconds and a quarter-mile run of 13.4 seconds at 101 mph. That means that this turbocharged Trans Am is the quickest 0-60 sprinter available in any US production-car showroom – at any price in 1989!

Achieving such stunning times doesn't require high-rpm clutch drops or other test-track trickery. Just pop the automatic transmission into Drive, hold it with the brake while you raise the engine speed to 2100 rpm, release the brake, and floor the throttle. The Turbo Trans Am instantly shoots forward like a runaway rocket sled. The roar from the under the hood builds as the boost gauge needle dances around the 16.5-psi mark. And the Turbo Hydramatic T200R4 four-speed automatic snaps off crisply at just over 5000 rpm – without a nanosecond of lost thrust. The rush is so strong that the turbo Trans Am reaches 130 mph in just 30.2 seconds.

This is the Turbo 3.8L V6. This limited production 20th Anniversary Trans Am was also selected as the pace car for the 1989 Indianapolis 500!

All paint and trim is in Good condition and ready to be cleaned up for your favorite Car Show. This car is well maintained and now offered for your consideration. By the way, this car was originally owned by Jeff Cook (documented) lead guitarist with Alabama.

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engine: 3.8L SFI V6 Inter-cooled Turbo rated 250 bhp @ 4400 rpm, 340 lb-ft torque @ 2800 rpm  

bore x stroke: 3.800 in. x 3.400 in.

valves: 1.710 in. intake, 1.490 in. exhaust

crankshaft: nodular iron with 4 cross-drilled main bearings and 6 counterweights

rods: cast Armasteel, 151mm long

pistons: special design, 8.0:1 cr, 46.4mm compression height

maximum boost: 16.5 psi

recommended fuel: pump octane of 91 or greater  

trans: 200-4R 4 speed automatic with lockup torque converter  

brakes: power 4-wheel disc, dual piston aluminum calipers vented 12" front, 11.7" rear rotors  

chassis: front MacPherson strut

rear live axle, 3.27:1 Borg-Warner "Australian" limited slip with torque arm

sway bars 36mm front, 24mm rear  

wheelbase 101.0"

length 191.6" width 72.4"

height 50.0"

track f/r 60.7"/61.6"  

curb weight: 3346 lbs. weight dist, f/r: 57.0/43.0  

performance: 0-60: 5.5 sec

1/4 mile: 13.5 sec

60-0: 139'

roadholding: 0.86g

weight/hp: 13.4:1



Eclectic Project Vehicles from GorillaRodz.Com!

Eclectic Project Vehicles from GorillaRodz.Com!

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Eclectic Project Vehicles from GorillaRodz.Com!